Three Drinks In

Greetings, excellent good friends, and welcome to the Three Drinks In Podcast website.  We’re your hosts, Vince and Phil.

There are a lot of podcasts out there for you to listen to and so we’re thrilled that you’ve chosen us among all the internet audio detritus.  Stay tuned as we discuss all kinds of fascinating pop culture and sci-fi topics as we wait for our big time celebrity special guests to show up.

All our podcasts are available at the iTunes Store and on Stitcher Radio. Search for “Three Drinks In” and click on the logo you see above.  Alternatively, click on the menus above.

Don’t forget to “Like” and “Share” us on Faceboo, follow us on Twitter, @3drinksinpod, and Instagram “threedrinksinpodcast.”

Sit back, pour yourself a cocktail or crack open a beer, wait with us and listen.  And as always, please drink responsibly.

-Vince and Phil

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