Episode 28: Haywire!

H3-Premiere-Banner2014-10-25 22.58.10In their first actual interview ever Vince and Phil sit down with Scott Klein and John Lenihan from the popular web series Haywire!  Over some tequila and Miller 64, Scott and John talk about the development of the series, what it’s like to produce TV for the internet, and about all the talent and dedicated people who have devoted time, blood, sweat, and tears to help make this series a reality.

This podcast also features a very special riff following the end credits that ensures that no one being recorded will ever work for Joss Whedon.

We here at Three Drinks In want to extend a hearty thank you to Scott and John for sitting down with us and a HUGE thank you to Arlene for making us sound so fantastic!  Please make sure that you check out the first two seasons of Haywire at www.haywireseries.com and get ready for the season three premiere on October 31!

Click here to download Episode 28.

This podcast is available here and at the iTunes Store, simply search “Three Drinks In” in iTunes and click on the icon of the beer wearing headphones.

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Stay tuned for more!

From left: Scott Klein, John Lenihan, Vince, Phil

From left: Scott Klein, John Lenihan, Vince, Phil

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