Episode 42: All the Superhero Movies

superherologosVince and Phil are joined by Haywire writer and director John Lenihan to pick apart this list ranking all the superhero movies by Marc Bernadin, a deputy editor of Playboy Magazine.  Sit tight as we bring you an extra-large episode that deconstructs what we love about these movies, what makes a good superhero film, and what we hope to find in the genre in the coming months/years.

A quick shout out to @Joe_C_Lake… you asked for more list episodes, this might be the mother of them all.  Thanks for listening!

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A plug for independent, Canadian cinema!

LH-poster-Nov-14-v21Go see my friend Daniel Arnold in the upcoming film Lawrence & Holloman! It won all kinds of awards and opens at the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles on August 7 for those in the area, and as video on demand (iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, XBox, GooglePlay) on August 11.

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